50 years as OH1VR - Market Reef June/July 2010

Seppo OJ0VR and Kee (ex OJ0MA) OH0NA at the lighthouse on June 30th 2010.
Kee worked in the Market Reef Lighhouse 12 years on 60's and 70's.
He used to be a real citizen of the OJ0.

OJ0VR operating position - 2166 q's in two days

Markus OH3RM QRV as OJ0A - 1500 q's

I would like to thank OH2PM/OH2BH consortium for the opportunity to use their 2-el SteppIR
(in the picture) at OJ0. It was a great help for OJ0VR/OJ0A DX-pedition.

Sauna of the Market Reef. This construction will be covered by a tarpaulin when warmed up.
Believe or not: This sauna works..