50 years as OH1VR - Chatham/November 2010

Loading our (?) stuff  into Convair 580 in Christchurch
and then towards Chatham Is.

Oliver ZL7NV (W6NV) and the last check of his 5/8 wave
vertical for 14 MHz.

ZL7VR (OH1VR) and RADIX 4-el for 21 MHz - ready to go up!

Nigel G3TXF and Roger G3SXW left this tube on Chatham Is.
more than 10 years ago - Thank you guys! We found it from
the backyard of Henga Lodge and it is now back in use.

ZL7VR ready for the CQ WW CW 2010
SOSB 15 LP with 100 w and 4-el RADIX.

Oliver ZL7NV and his 'QRO' -station and
the CQ WW CW 2010.